Mamma Mia! Already missing pizza, pasta, and prosciutto from our recent trip to Italy.

The awesome folks @mailchimp just released my illustration for their billboard on the corner of Krog St. and DeKalb Ave. in Atlanta — check it out if you’re in the area!

Second house to the editorial piece that was just approved today. Fun fact: this is actually the Sandlin residence but with different colors. The deep blue was for contrast within the article.

Home sweet home — more progress on that editorial piece #wip


This little guy is the beginning of another editorial piece. #wip #lineart

6lineart, wip,

The Paul McCobb piece is complete! Had a blast working on this one, and I wish I had a few of his furniture pieces in my house :)

I need to finish texturing and add some artwork to the murals behind Mr. McCobb. After that I believe I’ll be done.

I was surfing the interwebs and stumbled across a pretty rad photo of a furniture/industrial designer by the name of Paul McCobb. Obviously, I thought it’d be cool to recreate the photo. Still lots to flesh out but a good start to end the night. *Sidenote: Drawing a character or person from the side is quite challenging for me.